Our farmers

Emerging farmers

Our small scale commercial farmers are our core production partners.

Through the Edamame Development Program, committed and determined partners are carefully selected, and together we help to grow their business success. Access to genuine market opportunities and associated support are often sited as obstacles to development in the emerging farming sector. We supply partly subsidised support, develop grower capacity and purchase quality fresh product on contract.

We believe that your continued support & purchase of SA-grown Edamame will lead to our growers’ success as developing farmers. We have experienced technical support staff and community/farmer facilitation experts on hand to support our growers. This ensures only the best product gets to your table.

By ensuring you choose the edamame.co.za brand when shopping for your Edamame, you help us to grow our nation and local supply chains.

We encourage ourWe encourage our growers & partners to develop an understanding of the value of soil health, earth care & fair share. We provide support to ensure they adapt ecologically responsible & sustainable farming production practice.


Homestead growers

Bringing quality protein to Africa

Support of homestead growers and local consumption of quality and affordable protein sources by communities of Edamame is key to our project. Edamame is capable of nitrogen fixation in soils, creating healthier gardens and subsequent crops. Protein consumption builds muscles (and brains) and is vital for developing children and adults alike. Encouraging production and consumption builds our nation.

We support and monitor homestead scale production and encourage seasonal plantings, trade and consumption. Free seed is distributed annually to over 500 growers with training & support.