One Smart Bean

Everyone knows that junk food is, well, junk. And yet when we’re pressed for time or have limited options, it’s something easy to turn to. Seeing the lack of healthy food options at events in South Africa, The Hardy Boys and THB Disturbance decided to change the face of fast food and also educate consumers.   Read more

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The vegetable soybean (Edamame) is superior in protein yield per unit area to any other agricultural product and has been central to the predominantly vegetarian diet of East Asian countries for more than 5000 years. The earliest written record on this “Mu Ku” or sacred grain of China, dates back to 2838 B.C.

Edamame is considered a complete protein and contains a full compliment of essential amino acids considered to be the vital ‘building blocks’ of proteins that are vital to healthy muscle and tissue, repair and growth. Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) affects many third world countries and is due to inadequate protein intake and edamame production and consumption is considered a practical response to this continent wide challenge.

Research has confirmed that soybeans contribute to good health (nutrition link). Bifido bacteria in the gut is associated with longevity promoted through long-chain sugars supplied by Edamame. Isoflavones (a powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer substance), is another health benefit found in soybeans.