The Edamame Development Program is managed by Newlands Mashu Community Development Centre (Newlands Mashu) a Durban based Section 21 Co. (not for profit) and registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). The organisation was appointed after a successful pilot study to continue with research & introduce a new, tasty & ‘superfood’ Edamame industry into South Africa.

The development in the Industry requires significant and ongoing research as well as the registration of suitable varieties. This enables us to bring the market quality product adaptable to varied geographic growing conditions.

The initiative is underscored by two key focus areas:

Improving homestead food security and quality nutrition levels.

Improving access of emerging farmers to improved economic opportunities including edamame contract farming.

Grant funding has been made available to finance this development allowing leading international and local soybean specialists to form part of the core development support team.

The project engages and supports selected emerging and developing farmers who have been targeted to commercially grow Edamame for markets currently in KZN. The program partners include large-scale commercial growers and national & international academic research institutions. They are supported by specialists based at the 20Ha research Farm.